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Professional Organizer

At Organized Organically we offer a diversity of luxury organizing services ranging from office, digital and home organization, real estate staging, design, downsizing, to start up companies, social media management, marketing & much more. Our clientele consists of businesses, busy professionals & families. We are devoted to assisting people regain their time, space and harmony through a more Organized Organically life.

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I am a Certified Professional Organizer, Interior Designer & Real Estate Investor with over 20 years of experience. I am a member of the International Organization Of Professional Organizers, with Quick Book's experience, a Business & Psychology background.  I am passionate about the real estate market while focusing on custom design & client relations. Being a Professional & Mother of 3 Sons has groomed me to be the efficient, organized, mindful, eco-conscious, person I am today.

My life long goal is to help others lead a more harmonious life style through organization, time management & natural practices. I enjoy watching people blossom & flourish with newly discovered strengths. I want to assist them to see that anything is possible to achieve in their lives. I am a trustworthy & compassionate point of contact for others going through a transition. I want to help others be in the "present moment," promote mindfulness, encourage them to see a positive light, develop support & discover empathy without any humiliation.

I enjoy working with new and returning customers, and I am committed to providing each one with the best service possible with the utmost confidentiality. I look forward to working with my loyal clients for many years to come.

Warm Regards, 

Jessyca Ghuman 

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